• Please note as of the 15th April
  • Spells may take up to 3 month to complete. If needed immediately an expedition fee of £200 is required.
  • This should only be temporary.


Mentorship FAQ

How do I book a mentorship session?

Mentorship sessions can be booked via the 1:1 Virtual Sessions page will allow you to select a 1 hour time slot to do this in, using the blue button. These are facilitated using Teleport (Links to download Teleport can be found on the 1:1 Virtual Sessions Page).

Spellwork FAQ

What do you need from me when I commission Spellwork?

Generally there are only a few things I need:

  • Context for why the spell is needed, this gives me a means to direct energy to the appropriate places and construct the spell accordingly. If you are unable to provide enough context in the boxes when ordering the Spellwork you are more than welcome to send an email AFTER PURCHASE, providing more detail (Please make sure to make the subject of your email (order number - Context)). Likewise if you feel the need to talk about the context you can book a 30 min 1:1 consultation to do so, for £10. 
  • A Tag-lock for yourself (and one for the target of the spell if applicable). Simply put a Tag-lock is your full name and date of birth. 
  • A photo of you and the target. These should preferably have the eyes visible. This aids me to direct the relevent energies of the spell to the correct person. 

It is ideal to be provided as much of this as possible. It can be done without all of it, however there is a chance the spell will not be as potent/ directed. 

Details will be kept in accordance with GDPR and disposed of and deleted once no longer needed.

If you Curse someone will it come back to you or me?

I perform my spell work in a moral manner. Meaning that its purpose its to serve justice, so long as you are transparent and honest with me when procuring my services, no harm will come to you.

However if you are not honest, I cannot guarantee the outcome/ concequences and nor am I responsible for that. 

Do you believe in the three fold law?

The Three Fold Law (FFL) was first mentioned in 1968 in an article by Raymond Buckland. It was a Wiccan law to protect Witches. 

I do not follow the Wiccan Law, nor am I a Wiccan.

Do you do Love Spells?

I do not perform Love Spells. I can enhance/ purify/ strengthen and protect love that is already there. However I will not create love where there isn't love. For personal and ethical reasons. I can increase odds of finding love with Glamour Spells (Self Love and Confidence & Glamour and Sexual Attraction), however, for the latter, there is always a risk of it being lust not love.

There are some practices and cultures where this is acceptable and commone practice, however I am not part of these groups. Please respect that I will not perform these. 

The answer will always be NO. 

Why cant you put my spell in a jar and ship it to me?

Due to spells containing liquids, organic material and (potentially) hazardous substances. I am unable to ship them/ shipping costs would be extortionate and risky. They may not arrive to you in one piece and we dont want the delivery man getting the curse. Spell jars are kept in my possession and stored in an appropriate manner. They will be disposed of in an enviromentally friendly way whilst ensuring the intention is maintained aslong as it is needed. 

Readings FAQ

How do I book a Reading?

Readings can be booked in 1 of 2 ways. As a virtual 1:1 or purchased from the Readings page for a video breakdown of your questions.

Readings booked via the 1:1 Virtual Sessions page will allow you to select a 1 hour time slot to do this in, using the blue button. These are facilitated using Teleport (Links to download Teleport can be found on the 1:1 Virtual Sessions Page).

Readings booked via the Readings page will have a video answering your question sent to the email address that was registered when purchasing the Reading.

T&C's apply to these so please make sure you check them.

Can you contact a lost love one?

I can do this but it is dependent on a few factors,

  1. Wether they want to (spirits sill have their own opionions, wants and needs)
  2. Wether they are in a plane of existence that is acessible to me
  3. Wether I feel comfortable doing so. (This may be due to circumstances, gut feeling or if my guides/ deitys advise me not to do so). 

Please dont take this personally (from me at least) if this is something I cant do. 

Store FAQ


General FAQ

Will you go to hell for being a Witch?

I guess we will find out...