• Please note as of the 15th April
  • Spells may take up to 3 month to complete. If needed immediately an expedition fee of £200 is required.
  • This should only be temporary.

Glamour and Sexual Attraction


Please provide some background on the situation that has led you to require this spell. If you would rather do this face to face you can book a 30min consultation on https://www.angelusnocturnus.com/shop/1-1-virtual-sessions

Tag-lock's are Full name and Date of birth. I will need it for all parties involved. Please make it clear who you are and who the other party is and their role in the situation. A tag lock is the universal way to target someone.

This spell will enhance your natural beauty and aura. Those who know you may notice qualities that they have not before. You may find that people that once weren't interested in you show a new found admiration. 

I have done this spell on myself before and the least that has happened is people giving me compliments and people approaching me.

Please note: Buy this spell with caution, you may find the attention uncomfortable/ not from the sort of people you had in mind. This spell can potentially wear off but cannot be undone by myself. 

If you feel in danger due to stalking/ harassment please contact your local law enfocement.