• Please note as of the 15th April
  • Spells may take up to 3 month to complete. If needed immediately an expedition fee of £200 is required.
  • This should only be temporary.


I can provide a 1:1 mentorship service, whether you're new to this or experienced I can adapt the sessions to YOU! My mentorship sessions are £35 an hour, use the button below to be taken to a page to book your session. 

Not sure if this is right for you?

If you're interested but unsure if this is suitable for you and would like to take part. Fill out the form below with an explanation of what your experience is and what you'd like to achieve with this. I will respond as soon as I possibly can, I will be clear if this service isn't appropriate for you as I do not want to waste your time or money.

 Please be aware there is only so much I can and will answer in this response as messages can easily become mentoring sessions in themselves.