• Please note as of the 15th April
  • Spells may take up to 3 month to complete. If needed immediately an expedition fee of £200 is required.
  • This should only be temporary.


Please Read - Booking, Payment & Communication

I do not charge per spread, card or reading I charge by the hour.. This means you and I are not limited on how deep a question can run. I have two options on how I will conduct this:

  1. Face to Face Video Consultation - These are limited to hourly slots but you can ask as much as you want within that hour. These can be booked via Setmore. 
  2. A video summarising what the cards have told for the question you have given. I will always strive to provide as much detail as I can in regards to the question. The video will be sent to the email address you provide when making your purchase. 

I charge the same price for 1:1 readings and Video Summaries.

* Before booking please read my T&C's regarding Tarot and Bone Readings to ensure that you will not be dissapointed with your reading. 

Tarot Readings Explained

Tarot is the ancient art of using cards to gain insight into a situation/ the future. They can act as guidance or a warning. They can also give you the information you need to avoid a situation or at the very least be prepared and able to navigate it or persevere through it. 


I have a variety of decks that are attributed to different deity's / spirit guides. I will use a deck that is best suited for the question at hand. Likewise let me know if there is a deity/ theme you resonate with and I will adapt (to the best of my ability) accordingly. 

Bone Readings Explained

Osteomancy also known as Bone Divination. Similar to Tarot, it is a way to gain insight into a situation/ the future. It is one of the oldest known divination methods. For me these are particularly potent due to my path and deep connection to death. 


The bones I have, have been humanely collected over a number of years. Consent has been gained from the spirit of the animals that resided in the body that the bones came from. I share a very deep and personal bond with each bone, each one has its own story, each one can tell a story. 

1 - For 1:1 Virtual Sessions.

2 - For a Video breakdown of the answer.

If you want to purchase your reading and receive a Video breaking down the answer rather than a 1:1 session please purchase them form this website using the options below. I will email the answers to you in a video to the email address you have provided when purchasing the readings.