• Please note as of the 15th April
  • Spells may take up to 3 month to complete. If needed immediately an expedition fee of £200 is required.
  • This should only be temporary.

Spellwork Details

When requesting Spellwork please be mindful that results may not be instantaneous and could sometimes take months or even years to manifest themselves in a very noticeable way. When doing spells, I am ultimately manipulating energy to send a request into the universe. It is up to the universe to decide when to enact that request. 

A human lifespan is negligible in comparison to the age and life span of the universe (as we know it). To the universe, a human lifespan is quicker then the blink of an eye, this amount of time is instantaneous.

Protection and Healing Spells

Simple Protection spell

This is the most simple of Protection Spells. Just because it is simple doesn't mean it is not potent. This is a very versitile and cost effective way to protect yourself from something/ someone. 

However, if your opression is more complex/ potent, you may need something more robust and targeted like a baneful protection. Or any of the other protections if that specific thing is the problem (Relationship problems, Past trauma, etc.).

Protecting a Relationship

It can be incredibly useful to protect an existing love and romantic relationship from external influences, such as even from another practitioner (Witch) that could be casting on either of you to break you apart, cause strain or issues in general. But it could be also as simple as protecting you both from jealous and envious people in your circle.

Baneful Protection Spell

The more agressive side of protection, where those who wish you ill or harm will receive a backlash, whilst in the meantime you will remain unharmed and protected (Highly recommended around envious people and practitioners of Magic)

Make the Truth Come Out Spell

Ever wondered what they may be hiding? Is your gut telling you something but you don't have proof? This spell may be the one to give you the truth.

Transmutational Spell

Transmutation is changing one thing to another. In this case it is  changing negative energy/ intentions that are sent to you into positive energy that with enrich and nourish you. 

My Personal Favourite - As this doesn't require being agressive or having to fight back. It is a consistent active protection.

Healing Spell

Everyone has got baggage. Some more than others. It is important to release, heal and move forward with life.

When it comes to healing, everyone processes this differently. You may feel the need to cry and release for a few days, you may get the unprocessed/ supressed memories come back before you can finally set yourself free.

If feel like you may need professional support, click this link for help finding support in your country.

Baneful Spells

Return to Sender Hex

Has someone sent you malicious intentions/ Hex/ Curse or negative energy in general? Do you want them to take back what they've given whether they like it or not? Then this is the right spell for you.

You don't need this energy ;)

Learn your Lesson Hex

This can be similar to the "Return to sender Hex", however specific lessons can be incooporated into this baneful spell. 

Anti Glamour Hex

If someone did you wrong and it seems that their looks are the most important to them, this spell will be their living nightmare (not even cosmetics will save them)

Night Terror & Paranoia Curse

We are often most vulnerable in our sleep (Why do you think most Baneful Witches work in the night?). 

Sometimes these types of curses can cause and inflict the most harm as they latch onto the subconscious.

Have you ever had a nightmare that you could't shake? One that ruined your day entirely? Exactly my point, but this one will last longer than just a day.

Sexual Suppression Curse

Perfect Curse for Abusers and Cheaters and those who have sexually assaulted you. This curse will make their "sausage" (in men) remain floppy and placid and their "hole" (in women) dry and fettid.

The aim of this is to destroy/ remove someone's sexual vigour, how the universe deals with this is up to the universe.

If you are a survivor of something in this nature and feel like you may need professional support, click this link for guidance to support in your country.

The Tower Curse

The worst of the WORST curses. Those of you who are familliar with the tarot card "the Tower" will know what this means.
Let's make their life fall apart... at least for a long time.

Shut the Fuck Up Curse

Cord Cuttings

Simple Cord Cutting

This is the simplest method on cutting emotional ties with someone who you may have broken up with or can't seem to let go. This doesn't only need to be done within a relationship, but can also be used for friendships, family members or some situations that you would like to just let go.

Cord Cutting with Healing (For one Party)

This method is more enhanced, serving you healing whilst you are letting go of someone you were once bound to. (This is a good cord cutting if you are setting yourself free and have been hurt, but don't want to cause the other party any harm)

Cord Cutting and Healing (For both Parties)

Sometimes things just don't work out, maybe the bond was toxic and both parties need to heal equally from this bond/ relationship or tie.

Baneful Cord Cutting

Particularly good to use on an abusive (whether that was emotional or physical) ex partner/ friend etc. to make sure they get back what they deserve after they caused you so much harm.

Protection for the victim will automatically be provided within this Cord Cutting

Self Love and Glamour

Self Love and Confidence Spell

Self love and confidence is ALWAYS beneficial for any situation.

This spell could enhance your self care routines, gain you confidence and acceptance. We are all beautiful regardless of gender, size, shape and form.

Glamour and Sexual Attraction

This spell will enhance your natural beauty and aura. Those who know you may notice qualities that they have not before. You may find that people that once weren't interested in you show a new found admiration. 

I have done this spell on myself before and the least that has happened is people giving me compliments and people approaching me.

Please note: Buy this spell with caution, you may find the attention uncomfortable/ not from the sort of people you had in mind. This spell can potentially wear off but cannot be undone by myself. 

If you feel in danger due to stalking/ harassment please contact your local law enfocement.